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Vovero Software is an Aritificial Intelligence Company. The company aims to build a platform for Artificial Intelligence that brings Unified Experience to user. Vovero Software is working to build solutions to intelligently solve the problems in retail industry. Currently, the company is designing, developing and building Superbot, an AI Virtual Robot.

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Superbot is AI(Artificial Intelligence) Virtual Robot. Superbot can help users getting some things done and discovering things in the city. For now, Superbot can recharge mobile phone, datacard & dth, find and recommend food dishes to eat nearby, remember things for user, create any kind of list like to-do list or shopping list and save them, create reminders. Users can also share a any food dish, and then it will be recommended to other users once they ask for it. Interaction with superbot is made possible by three ways as sending a text message, using voice or tapping or clicking on pre-defined onscreen buttons. Superbot is available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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